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Exempt Organization Resources

Outlines Authored:

 Information Needed for Establishing a Non-profit Corporation

 Legal services Provided in Connection with Establishing a Non-profit Corporation
Garden Clubs: A Fertile Ground for Organizational Skills: 
34 The Tax Exempt Organization Tax Review (Nov. 2001) pp. 166-185

Spinning Charitable Functions off from Non-Charitable Entities:
What Interest Should the Charity Have to Sustain Deductible Fundraising; Tilting Against Windmills?
New York Tax Club 2001


IRS Forms & Publications:

IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions
IRS Publication 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization
IRS Forms

Internal Revenue Service site outlining types of tax-exempt organizations, the application process,
              special rules and procedures, FAQs on tax-exemption, and more
Online version of IRS Publication #78: Cumulative List of Organizations, which will list if an
              organization is tax-exempt, and how much of one's contributions to them are tax deductible

State Government Sites:
New York Attorney General - Charities Bureau

The Unified Registration Statement

Independent Sector

General information:

General information and Forms 990 and 990-PF for section 501(c)(3) Organizations

Internet Nonprofit Center - Information For and About Nonprofit Organizations (incl. org. locator)

Non-US information:

U.K. Charity Commission
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